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Why We Put Up A Website

Because the meeting before the meeting has given way to checking your phone even when you don't have a call rather than carrying on a conversation. We can keep the meeting schedule current and available to all those phone addicts and others who have transcended the millennium and it serves as a physical reminder to basket critics as to what we do with the money other than "party" at Area.

Get Involved

Are you grateful for a map out from the road to Hell and would like to show your appreciation by taking some action and giving back what has so freely been given to you? Service commitments are available NOW! You don't have to be rich, you just have to show up. People will pay your way so they don't have to do it and all you have to do is listen and fellowship. How easier can that be? 

Thank You

Thank you if you like the site and if you don't, then come to the district meeting with some better ideas and be prepared  to implement them because we wear other hats too and we could use any qualified help. 90% of service is showing up.

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Just like everything in AA, we have a vote before a decision is made especially when it comes to money. I think asking for donations on the website is a great idea since the basket is usually empty. But it's not my decision.

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Event Planners, District Secretary, Phone Talkers and 12th Step Workers Needed

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